5 reasons for liposomal supplements from ActiNovo

Scientifically confirmed up to 64x higher intake compared to conventional supplement
Easy to take thanks to liquid formulation
Vegan & natural
 Free from allergens
Produced in Germany 

Our liposomal favorites for skin, hair & nails

Cosmetics do not bring you the wanted result? Then it's time to effectively support your skin, hair & nails with important nutrients from the inside! Discover the high-quality, liposomal supplements from ActiNovo and give your body the support it needs - convince yourself of the transformative effect!

Liposomal Vitamins

Supports the skin and immune system, reduces fatigue and promotes human energy balance.

Liposomal Body Own's

Preserves the structure of the skin by protecting and detoxifying the human organism and strengthening the immune system and energy.

Liposomal Plant Extracts

Health and anti-inflammatory effect for the skin and strengthening of the immune and defense system.

Liposomal Minerals

Support for strong skin, hair & nails, as well as the maintenance of bones, teeth, brain and nervous system.

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