Chamomile: The Calming Plant Extract

Looking to relax? Maybe you will read a book, light a few candles, and maybe grab a cup of tea. Chamomile tea is one of the most frequently used herbal beverages to promote relaxation and restful sleep. This article will discuss the benefits of chamomile extract the new ActiNovo Chamomile supplement in liquid liposomal form.

What Will You Learn in This Article?

  1. What is Chamomile?
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1. What is Chamomile?

Chamomile health benefits have been noted for centuries. It is one of the oldest medicinal plants in history. Doctors and other practitioners have used this plant extract for a variety of therapeutic purposes for at least 5000 years.

German vs Roman Chamomile

There are two species of this medicinal plant. German and Roman chamomile plants are commonly known. The two varieties are similar in their benefits, but they have a slightly different aroma. German chamomile has a mild aroma and taste, while Roman chamomile tastes much more bitter.

The plant of chamomile can be prepared in a variety of different ways. First, the flowers can be dried and used in a powder form for teas or extracts. Likewise, chamomile essential oil is obtained by distilling the natural fresh flowers.

No matter the preparation, the plant can be used for a variety of ailments. Most commonly, the plant is used for gastrointestinal complaints, inflammation, difficulty sleeping, menstrual pain, muscle cramps, ulcers, wound healing, and generalized pain [1].

2. Chamomile Benefits

Chamomile flower contains many active ingredients. These include terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. Chamomile is used for soothing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, wound healing, and stress relieving effects [1]. This medicinal plant can be consumed orally or can be used topically.

Whether you are using chamomile tea or extract for gastrointestinal complains or in skincare products, this is a truly a plant of many talents!

Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety

Chamomile’s relaxation and anti-anxiety effects have attracted interest from researcher and the general public. The flavonoid apigenin is largely responsible for the calming and stress relieving properties.

Apigenin has a calming effect because it can bind to GABA receptors in the brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter known to produce a calming effect. While some anti-anxiety medications have a sedative effect on humans, apigenin does not produce such a negative side effect [2].

There have been studies investigating the use of the medicinal plant on different anxiety and depression disorders. In randomized control trials, the use of oral chamomile supplements was found to decrease depression scores in patients struggling with clinical depression [3]. Other studies have discovered that long term supplement use can significantly decrease symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) [4].

If you are feeling symptoms of anxiety or depression, we recommend speaking with a doctor, psychologist, or other medical professional.

Chamomile Digestion Benefits

People frequently turn to chamomile tea when they are experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) distress. Specifically, the plant has been used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), intestinal inflammation, abdominal pain, gas, and bloating. The theory is that the plant provides GI relief through its anti-inflammatory properties.

One randomized control trial of people living with IBS tested the usefulness of chamomile extract on their IBS symptoms. The participants consumed 20 drops of the extract each day for 4 weeks. By the second week of treatment, IBS symptoms were significantly reduced. Unfortunately, symptoms started to increase again after 4 weeks [5].

This is a promising benefit of the medicinal plant, but still requires further research.

Chamomile Sleep Benefits

Apigenin can help with more restful sleep. Older individuals, especially those living in nursing homes or assisted living centers, frequently have difficulty sleeping. One study provided a group of older adults with 400 mg of the plant extract twice per day. After 4 weeks, the supplement group had significantly better sleep quality than the placebo group [6].

Other studies have found that chamomile tea can support restful sleep in post-menopausal women. Due to hormonal changes associated with menopause, many peri- and post-menopausal women experience sleep disorders. After supplementing with the plant extract for 4 weeks, a significant improvement in sleep quality was noticed [7].

Menstrual Cramps

Apigenin has been long known as a muscle relaxant. Because of this property, many women have found the chamomile plant helpful with reducing pain from menstrual cramps.

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term that describes extremely painful periods. A randomized control trial recruited a group of women diagnosed with primary dysmenorrhea. They consumed a ginger & chamomile supplements 2 days before menstruation and the first 3 days of their period. This supplement use resulted in significantly improved menstrual pain [8].

More than half of women experience at least 1-2 days of menstrual pain per month. Supplementation with this plant extract could be a successful aid for those who experience menstrual pain.

Chamomile Skin Benefits

People frequently use chamomile cream or chamomile lotion for skin care and other skin conditions. One study investigated the benefits of chamomile extract for the skin. In an 8-week study with women volunteers, the volunteers applied an apigenin containing cream to their skin twice per day. After 4 weeks and 8 weeks, the skin showed improved firmness, greater skin hydration, and a decrease in fine lines [9].

The plant extract is also used for hair care and hair growth. Stress and inflammation frequently play a role in hair loss and issues with the scalp. Apigenin can benefit the hair due by calming the person, reducing free radicals, and reducing inflammation. Preliminary studies suggest that apigenin can help stimulate the elongation of hair follicles [10].

ActiNovo Chamomile

Low bioavailability of plant extracts

Scientists have frequently noted that plant extracts have low bioavailability (also known as absorption) in the body. Experts estimate the oral bioavailability of apigenin is about 30% [11]. In general, it is not possible to know exactly how much chamomile and apigenin we are absorbing from tea or extracts.

At ActiNovo, we use an extract that contains >98% apigenin. In comparison, a typical tea contains only 1-2% apigenin.

One 10mL daily dose of ActiNovo Chamomile provides you with 500mg of chamomile extract. This is approximately equal to the apigenin content in 10 Liters of chamomile tea!

At ActiNovo, we provide the highest quality supplements with high bioavailability. We can ensure high bioavailability using liposomal technology so you get the most benefit from your supplement.

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