New Year- New CEO - New Era

This year brought us a lot of changes, but many of them are expected to push ActiNovo to a new step forward. In the middle of the year we released a new user-friendly online shop and now the top management of ActiNovo is also getting a new addition. 

 We are happy to announce Christian Pereira Piechoczek will take over as the new CEO of the ActiNovo and will be responsible for the strategic direction of the brand. In doing so, he will focus on expanding brand awareness in the local market as well as expanding the international market.

We asked Christian without his vision about ActiNovo and future of supplement market.

What do you think is the biggest strength of ActiNovo right now?

The biggest strength of ActiNovo is that we share the same values. The passion to have a positive impact in this world is one of it. We are driven to create products which unleash the full potential of ingredients, which supports consumers to implement a healthier lifestyle. We hear incredible stories from doctors how our products can make a positive difference in this world. This is the fuel for our mission to create A New Era of supplements.

What is your vision for ActiNovo?  

How do you see it changing in the next five years? My vision is that we continue our growth whilst staying loyal to our values. ActiNovo is sold in over 80 countries worldwide and had over 90,000 customers so far. We want to increase our presence in local markets and give consumers helpful support regarding nutrition and lifestyle. People deserve more from supplements! We are also working successfully with doctors and health practitioners. We will invest more into these relationships to improve our products and bring more options in our portfolio. 

What can our customers expect with this change? 

What can our customers expect with this change? Currently, we are developing a new line of products, which will focus on solving specific health problems. In the next weeks we will bring some more combi products to the market. Furthermore, we are implementing the ActiNovo academy to provide knowledge about nutrition and health in general. We have nutritionist in our team and are backed by scientists to create as much value as possible for anyone! For our B2B customers, we will also launch the partner program soon and will offer another business opportunity with it. I advise you to follow ActiNovo closely, we have so much to offer! 

What excites you about the industry and what are some trends you’re seeing here? 

In Germany, the supplementation industry has not the best reputation, because there are dubious products on the market. There are products which are keeping their promises to consumers. On the other hand, there are so many powerful ingredients which can make a difference, when their potential is exhausted! I also believe nowadays not everyone can maintain a well-balance diet. We are also facing so much (oxidative) stress.

 ActiNovo is the right choice, because it delivers valuable nutrients where they belong: directly in the blood stream. We are also producing according to ISO-22000 and GMP. On top of it, we treat our employees well, offer (mental) health support and create meaningful jobs. 

 ActiNovo does everything possible to make this world a better place!