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How to take ActiNovo

When and how are our products best taken?

In principle, the formulations can be taken anytime. Ideally, 15 minutes prior to or after a meal.

Be aware of the recommendations on the product labels.

Do not add to hot beverages! Liposomes are easily destroyed at >60°C. All products can be mixed with juice to improve the taste.

How can I dose the products?

Please note the individual daily dose of each product (see label). For most products, we recommend a daily dose of 10 ml, equivalent to 2 teaspoons.

The individual dosages in milliliters and teaspoons can be found at the bottom of each product page.

For a simpler dosage, we recommend the ActiNovo shot glass with the dosage scale. Simply use it to measure your daily dose.

Why is a temporary administration (cure) recommended for my product?

Ideally, our products should be used to balance nutrient deficiency. After a while, users should check their status with their doctor.

It is suggested that the body may adapt to high-dose supplementation over longer periods. The consequences are not yet discovered.

Can I take different liposomal products together?

You can take our products during the same time period and also mix them for your daily dose of supplements.

Can interactions or competitive uptake occur between products?

We do not know of any negative interactions.

If any odd reactions occur (between products or products and medication), in doubt one should stop or alter administration and talk to a health professional.

Is an exact dosage important?

Yes. To avoid rare but possible, negative side-effects, customers should stick to the recommended dosage as found on the label. Per 24 hours users should not take more than 10 mL of any product (for some exceptions even less).

The recommended daily dosage should not be surpassed. It is found on every label and in the product photo gallery.

Are there any common side effects? Do some side-effects occur due to high dosage (magnesium)?

Liposomal Formulations outrule some common side-effects such as diarrhea due to high dosages of magnesium.

Liposomes are able to cover active substances and support their uptake. Our intestines only see the liposome. Over-dosage is not possible in that sense.

Your liposomal formulation is not working for me - why?

Liposomes as a carrier for active ingredients are a very well proven technology. It works, because logically, it’s supposed to work: Phospholipids (components of liposomes) are very welcomed by our digestive system and are therefore resorbed into the bloodstream at an extremely high rate. With them, like a Trojan Horse, they bring the encapsulated active ingredients into the bloodstream. That principle should work for everyone.

So why could no higher concentration of the active ingredient be measured in your blood? The reasons can be various:

  • Maybe your metabolism considers the active ingredient to be at a way to a high level and clears it out through its purging systems.
  • Maybe the performed measurement was limited to a particular variant of the active ingredient.
  • Maybe the active ingredient was encapsulated at such a high rate that the lab could only measure phospholipids, not the active ingredient.
  • Maybe large parts of the active ingredient have already been resorbed into various cells, which makes it impossible to measure them in your bloodstream.

If you really think, a particular liposomal formulation is not doing anything good for you, we can only recommend discontinuing taking it.

Storage Life

When taken as recommended, how fast is the product used up?

Dosage: 10 ml per day (with some exceptions)

Equals: 10 days for our 100 ml bottle and up to a month for the 250 ml size.

ActiNovo says 6 months shelf life, but my bottle shows 10 months?

Think about it: If we offer 6 months shelf life, every customer expects 6 months, and we would receive a lot of complaints if actual shelf life would only be 3, 4 or 5 months. We know, our products containing natural Seabuckthorn are well good for one year. We guarantee you 6 month, and the other 6 months are a buffer for us between production and shipping.

Why do competing products last longer than ActiNovo?

Because we do not add artificial preservatives to our Pure line. For a product that is purely beneficial to health, we regard it as counterproductive to add preservatives.

For the same reason, we abstain from sweeteners and flavorings and do not use soy lecithin.

If you need a long shelf life, please choose our PLUS variants.

How can I tell if ActiNovo has gone bad?

Clear indications are molds on the surface, foamy, fermented consistency or a rancid, altered taste.

An acidic taste is absolutely normal, especially with non-alcoholic variants.

I can hear a hissing sound when the seal is opened. Has my product gone bad?

We use nitrogen gas as a protection for ActiNovo bottles. That alone is absolutely harmless.

Residue has formed at the bottom of the bottle. Is that bad?

Residue at the bottom is not questionable. Please shake it up.

A thin film has formed on the surface. Is that bad?

Excess lecithin can gather at the surface, that’s normal. Any form of mold or solid deposits, on the other hand, is a clear indication of a spoiled product.

Product properties

What does ActiNovo taste like?

This depends on the active ingredient. An essential component of the taste is determined by lecithin.

Does ActiNovo taste good?

Generally, not really – depending on individual taste and habits.

We specifically refrain from sweeteners and flavors (PURE line) because we believe that function is more important than taste.

We recommend consuming ActiNovo with juice or diluted (cooler than 60°C) or chosing PLUS line.

What color does ActiNovo have?

This depends on the active ingredient variant, but the basic color is a beige. On the surface and on the bottom, smaller, darker veils can form which do not diminish the quality and can be removed by shaking.

How much of the active ingredient is included in a daily dose?

For most products, the daily dose is 10 mL. In all product photos, you can find exact nutrient tables. The nutrient tables of each product list the amount of active ingredient in 100 mL, while the number in brackets represents the amount in the respective daily dose.

Why is ActiNovo a liquid?

Liposomes need water. Their building blocks, the phospholipids, have a water-soluble and a water-repellent end. Such molecules are called amphiphilic. Only an aqueous environment repels the water-insoluble areas, causing them to form layers. Double layers then form spheres due to the better distribution of forces. The water-loving "heads" point to the outside and the inside of the liposome, meaning to the water-based medium. The water-repellent fatty acid "tails" are gathered within the layer. That's why ActiNovo products are liquid and not available in tablet form.

ActiNovo does not offer gel capsules. In liquid form, the NEM can be dosed individually. We also save a step in our production chain that would be costly and would not increase the quality of the product. Furthermore, we value resource conservation. The production of the capsules would require additional resources. In this case: production of cellulose as a material of capsules, transport and automatic encapsulation of the liquid.

Liposomal Formulations

Is ActiNovo offering medication?

No. Our products are food supplements. They are often used by doctors and naturopaths for therapeutic purposes, but legally they are not medication.

Do liposomes occur in nature or are they a human invention?

Liposomes consist of phosphatidylcholine, a phospholipid that also forms the membrane of human cells. The encapsulation of an active agent in a phospholipid-containing liposome is a human invention. Liposomes are man-made structures, but they are very similar to natural, cellular transport structures.

What substances do ActiNovo formulations contain?

In addition to the active substance, formulations contain phospholipids from lecithin (sunflower). The phospholipids, in turn, consist of a high proportion of valuable phosphatidylcholine, a building block of our plasma membranes.

What makes liposomal formulations so successful?

For practical reasons, most supplements are administered orally. This means that the vitamins, minerals or botanicals must first pass through the mouth and stomach to be absorbed in the intestine. Unfortunately, unprotected substances are very often damaged in this way or can only partially be absorbed.

Liposomal formulations encapsulate the active ingredient in a liposome which passes through the mouth and stomach largely unharmed and can then be absorbed very well. Liposomes consist of lipid bilayers. Since cell membranes consist of lipid bilayers as well, liposomes are ideal carrier structures and easily taken up.

Why are the active ingredients not being concentrated even higher?

The entire functional principle of liposomal formulations is based on the fact that the active substance is masked by the phospholipids (= invisible). The small intestine sees only the phospholipids and absorbs them and their hidden active substance.

If the ratio between active substance and phospholipid is no longer correct, meaning too much active ingredient is present, it becomes visible to the small intestine again - the principle fails.

Why are ActiNovo products not offered as micelles?

Micelles are one-layered. Not everything carried inside them may arrive in the intestine. In contrast, liposomes (double layer) are a more stable way to transport substances through the digestive system.

Micelles are absorbed by mucous membranes, with a speed lower than the absorption at the intestinal mucosa. Micelles would have to be kept on the mucous membranes for hours to make absorption effective.

What does the term bioavailability mean?

Bioavailability is a pharmacological term. It refers to the active fraction of a molecule that is able to enter the bloodstream after administration. Only intravenous administration, therefore, guarantees a BA of 100%. BA is decreased due to absorption barriers in the intestine. The liposomal formulation can increase BA by favoring the uptake of the encapsulated active ingredients.

What size are ActiNovo's Liposomes?

The size of our liposomes is about the 120 nm in the nanometer range.

About ActiNovo

Who sells ActiNovo?

ActiNovo is exclusively distributed by the Dutch PMC Labs & Distribution B.V., PMC supplies end customers directly, as well as wholesalers and distributors.

Since ActiNovo was initially a German-Dutch idea, there is a fulfillment center in Hamburg, which currently handles the entire end customer shipping (including to the Netherlands). You can also send returns here.

Your contractual partner is PMC Labs & Distribution B.V., manufacturing takes place in Hamburg, Germany.

Who is the manufacturer?

The manufacturer is the German PlantaCorp GmbH in Hamburg.

Distributors all over the world are supplied with individually developed liposomal formulations.

The brand ActiNovo is distributed worldwide by the Dutch PMC Labs & Distribution B.V. .

Why is ActiNovo so much cheaper than competing products?

Our liposomal formulations are produced through a novel, optimized process in production facilities in Germany.

That's why we can sell ActiNovo at such a low price.

What is the difference between ActiNovo products and their competitors?

The products are free from any additives.

We do not use any colorings / sugars / sweeteners / preservatives. As a result, our products taste 'naturally' sour.

Our products are bottled exclusively in glass bottles, we consciously refrain from plastic for more sustainable production.

Are there any ActiNovo studies?

In November 2017, we conducted a study with a Hamburg laboratory on the improved bioavailability of liposomal vitamin B12. It showed increased bioavailability compared to high-dose tablets of around 500%.

Our Research Department is presently conducting new studies, they are posted on this site or available upon request.

Liposomes are by no means unknown to medical research. As transport vehicles of various active ingredients and drugs, they are subject to intense examination. Publications on the bioavailability of liposomal formulations confirm efficacy and comparability to intravenous administration.


What size are ActiNovo's Liposomes?

The size of our liposomes is about 120 nm in the nanometer range.

Can I be sure of the quality of the used raw materials?

Yes. The goal of the founders: transparent quality.

For all relevant ingredients, the analysis certificates are directly available for download. These certificates refer to the current batch and are constantly updated. In addition, substances that we purchase from other EU countries are subject to random sample analysis by EU laboratories.

Are components of ActiNovo questionable or dangerous?

All ActiNovo formulations are food supplements, not medication.

All ingredients are of the highest quality. Dosing recommendations should be taken into account.

Are all ActiNovo products vegan?

Yes. We make sure that all products are vegan. They are of plant origin, contain neither dairy nor gluten. The products contain phospholipids, water, and the active ingredient. 

Are ActiNovo products organic?

They are not certified organic. So far, we don’t have a certificate for organic ingredients. However, all pure materials are in confirmed high quality. The base material of the liposomal formulations originates from sunflowers (lecithin). Be aware that we use the term lecithin frequently because it is so common - but it is not fully correct; We use pure phosphilipids, which are derived from lecithin after de-oiling it. 

Why are pregnant women advised against taking ActiNovo products?

Pregnancy is a time of a finely regulated, fragile balance. Most nutritional supplements would be unnecessary when added to balanced nutrition. Some even toxic to mother and child. This depends on the nutrient itself, the dose and the condition of the pregnant woman. In order to reduce risks and side effects, a doctor should always be consulted, as they can make appropriate, personalized recommendations.

Pregnant women should not take any single vitamin or mineral supplement in higher doses than normal, unless advised by a physician.

The fat-soluble vitamins including vitamins A, D, E, and K are particularly questionable in high doses. For example, higher than recommended doses of retinol (Vitamin A) is known to cause birth defects in animals.

Why are the products not suitable for children?

Children differ from adults in their metabolism. During growth and development, it is advised to consume a balanced diet rich in nutrient-dense food. Supplementation can easily lead to unnatural onesidedness of nutrition.

Supplementation – especially if in higher concentrated products - should always be discussed with a physician. Ideally, dietary supplements are only needed in a state of deficiency.

Our products

Do you use synthetic ascorbic acid? Why don’t you use "natural" vitamin C from acerola etc.?

Ascorbic acid is a simple molecule. There cannot be anything synthetic about the molecule. However, synthesis opposed to extraction guarantees the very high purity of the active ingredient. The origin cannot be distinguished on molecule level.

Natural sources are only relevant if higher bioavailability can be achieved by binding to secondary metabolites. Today, through liposomal formulations, this point lost its relevance.

Acerola has, being a natural product, only a vitamin C content of 10-15%. The vitamin is not present in its pure form but linked to various other natural substances. The effect of liposomal vitamin C (pure ascorbic acid) is far superior to that found in plant sources.

Our ascorbic acid is made from corn starch by fermentation, which is a natural process performed by microorganisms.

Vitamin C and ascorbic acid are 100% synonymous. There is nothing like "dangerous" Vitamin C.

Why is the vitamin B12 content in Liposomal B-Complex so different from that in Liposomal B12?

A daily dose of 10 ml B-Complex contains 50 μg and the pure vitamin B12 preparation 2500 μg.

Reason: Pure Vitamin B12 should only be used to compensate for an acute deficiency. It is recommended to start with a high daily dose and then take weekly supplementation to maintain the level.

The complex, in turn, is finely tuned to ensure a normal energy metabolism; all vitamins complement each other and together fulfill the metabolic functions attributed to vitamin B. Therefore, vitamin B12 is present only in a certain proportion.

What does the “Alc” in the 250ml Alc variant mean?

It stands for the addition of 10% alcohol because of a much better shelf life (sealed up to one year, opened ~ 6 weeks). Since Actinovo products contain no preservatives and only natural, raw materials, the products should be consumed within the expiration date. Be aware that we discontinued the alcohol line in early 2020 to be replaced by the seabuckthorn variant.


How are the products ideally stored?

Unopened, the products are stable until at least the date on the label. The bottles should not be heated or frozen and should be protected from light.

Ideal storage: dark and cool (about 7 ° C) while rapidly consuming them within 25 days after opening.

Are the products damaged if they are over-cooled?

Strong cooling below 5 ° C can make the products thicker, this is not dangerous. Merely mixing in hot drinks as well as ice crystals destroy the liposomes.

Are the products damaged when stored in a heated or uncooled environment?

As long as the products are sealed (sealed), they can be stored uncooled. Of course, the durability increases with cooling. The products can be stored uncooled for a week without any problems. If the products spoil during shipment (extreme heat or too long a delay), they will be replaced. For longer shipping routes, the Alc variants are recommended.

My formulation is thick - what to do?

If stored below 7 ° C this can happen. It is best to choose the top compartment of the refrigerator, where it is warmest.

Once the formulation has been warmed up for a while (> 7 ° C), it becomes liquid again.

My Order

When is my order shipped?

Usually within 24 hours on working days. Before shipment, you will receive a confirmation email. (There is no shipping on weekends.)


What payment options are possible?

There are many options including PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon Pay or Prepayment.

Are ActiNovo products available on Amazon?

Yes. However, they can also be ordered via our website. Even with Amazon Pay.

After my purchase, forwarding to PayPal is not possible.

This may be due to a browser problem (certain add-ons that filter for security, etc.). Changing the internet browser could help.

Otherwise, prepayment can be selected and manually logged in to PayPal, then the "send money" feature can be selected (send to service@actinovo.com). Afterward, please send a short message to us, so we can optimally coordinate your payment.

Why can I not pay by invoice?

The brand ActiNovo is designed as a direct sales brand. Payment management, as required by bill payment, increases costs by around 3%. Therefore, we do not offer invoice payment, only for a few special institutions after the arrangement.


How long does delivery take within Germany?

Usually 1-2 days with Deutsche Post (DHL).

Can I also pick the formulations up at your company?

If you order them online in advance and pay, you can pick up the formulations in our warehouse in Hamburg. Please make an appointment via phone.

Can your products be shipped to other EU countries?

Sure. Please see our shipping policy for details. Customers from the Netherlands can choose the option prepayment to the Dutch RABO Bank.

Shipment within the EU is free starting at a purchase value of 75 €. Delivery may take between 1 and 5 days on average, depending on the respective shipping company. There is no shipping on weekends.

For November, shipments to the following EU countries are free from 50 &euro: Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Great Britain

Is there a distributor in the USA?

There is a distributor in the USA, but only for vitamin C. All other products must be shipped from Germany.

The shipping costs (worldwide) amount to € 24.90. From a purchase value of € 200.00, the shipment is free. For the USA and Canada, we strongly recommend choosing EXPRESS shipping, because costs are only a bit higher (depending on the weight) while delivery is much faster. Be aware that usually customs fees are imposed, which you have to pay upon receiving the parcel.


Can ActiNovo produce „my own“ formulation with personalized substances and concentrations?

Starting from 30 liters, our production company PlantaCorp offers to produce individual formulations


Is there a special discount for health professionals?

Currently, we offer special conditions for customers who are signed in as Professionals at www.actinovo.com.

After your registration, we will gladly send you all the information as a PDF. The registration options can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

What is the difference between a professional and a partner (affiliate)?

Affiliates get a percentage commission calculated from the purchases of their customers.

Professionals get a direct discount on products.

Do professionals have to be doctors?

No. Therapists such as naturopaths, osteopaths, etc. can also participate in the Professional Program. Only the type of distribution is relevant.

Can Professionals be therapists from other EU countries?

Yes. This is possible.

Is there a white label production?

Yes. You will be served directly by the manufacturer PlantaCorp GmbH. It is best to contact Rinat Albetkov (Sales Manager).

Email: sales@plantacorp.com

Telefon: +49 (0)40 740 77 11 00


Can we give recommendations on specific diseases?

No. We cannot do this by law. The information provided is limited to product details, not health claims or clinical patterns.

Two founders with a vision

We want nothing less than to revolutionize the market. By offering an extremely useful product at a fair price, we reinvent supplements.
We are committed to modern, innovative technology in production and scientific knowledge in the development of our products. Quality is our top priority.