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Legal Info & Disclaimer

Legal Information/Disclaimer

If you decide to order an ActiNovo formulation on this website, you will buy a dietary supplement (food) from the Dutch company PMC Labs & Distribution B.V., produced in Germany; you are not buying a medicinal drug or pharmaceutical compound.

Side effects

Our dietary supplements may cause side effects, even if they are made of highest quality ingredients. This is because different ingredients - even basic and staple food - may effect different individuals in a different way.

ActiNovo explicitly indicates that the application of our dietary supplements is to your own risk, only.

Consult your doctor

Before you consume ActiNovo dietary supplements you should consult your physician or medical doctor. This is mandatory if you use any medication or in the process of a medical treatment or pregnant or nursing.

Information provided on are in no way meant as a replacement for your doctor's advice or instruction. The information is not supposed to diagnose or treat any health condition nor a replacement for the prescription of a medical drug.

Dietary supplements may not be used as a replacement for an adequate diet.

Keep away from children.


Before consuming any ActiNovo product, you should first read the attached label on the bottle.

Two founders with a vision

We want nothing less than to revolutionize the market. By offering an extremely useful product at a fair price, we reinvent supplements.
We are committed to modern, innovative technology in production and scientific knowledge in the development of our products. Quality is our top priority.

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