Liposomal Energizer (Pre-Workout)

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Content: 250 Milliliter (€11.96 * / 100 Milliliter)

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Achieve your workout goals by supporting your body's own energy metabolism. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 support normal energy maintenance. The amino acids AAKG and L-citrulline-malate are part of nitric oxide synthesis. Nitric oxide is responsible for increasing blood flow in the body. A caffeine-free Energizer means your energy comes from within.

Vitamin B1 Thiamin
(1 mg = 91%*) Important for energy production yielding metabolism
Vitamin B2
(1,1 mg = 79%*) Helps reduce fatigue
Vitamin B12
(5 µg = 200%*) Ensures normal red blood cell formation
(500 mg =**) Ergogenic Amino Acid
Low-calorie sweetener
Ascorbic Acid
Important for energy yielding production & the immune system
(1,3 g = **) sunflower fats that form our liposomes
Vitamin B3
(13 mg = 81%*) Important for energy production yielding metabolism, and helps reduce fatigue
Vitamin B6
(1,2 mg = 86%*) Helps with normal protein and glycogen synthesis
L- Citrullin
(332mg = **) Ergogenic Amino Acid
Preservative - keeping it fresh for longer
10 ml / 24h 2x Teaspoon 10 ml contain 500mg AAKG / 332mg L-Citrulline Malate / 13mg B3 / 1,2mg B6 / 1,1mg B2 / 1mg B1 / 5μg B12

Shelf life with conservatives

52W Sealed and stored at room temperature: Min. 52 weeks
6W Opened and stored in fridge: Min. 6 weeks
Customer evaluation for "Liposomal Energizer (Pre-Workout)"
4 Feb 2020

Great! Will Buy Again.

I bought this product together with the Recovery product and this is a great supplement to provide you that energy and motivation before the workouts. And knowing you are getting good ingredients and vitamins, even better!

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