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Liposomal Curcumin (Turmeric, Curcuminoids)

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Of most conventional supplements, only a small part is ultimately taken up. We want to revolutionize the market of food supplements. Our solution: liposomes. The only efficient alternative to injection. Active ingredients are encapsulated in nanoscopically small liposomes and safely delivered through the digestive system. The absorption can thus be increased to up to 98%.

Curcuminoids are a group of natural phenols obtained from the Curcuma longa plant (ginger family). Curcuminoids have been used for centuries in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some curcuminoids have very good antioxidant properties, others may have anti-inflammatory effects *.

Encapsulation in liposomes solves curcumin’s biggest problem: its poor bioavailability. As a liposomal formulation curcuminoids can enter directly into the bloodstream and into the cells.

Turmeric products contain an extremely intense yellow pigment, which can lead to difficult to remove stains (sensible to light exposure).

What do ActiNovo products contain?

Outstanding performance is more important to us than optimized taste and appearance, which is why our products still have their natural taste. The ActiNovo’s liquid formulations also contain valuable phospholipids from sunflowers, with a high content of phosphatidylcholine, and only certified ingredients. Phospholipids are building blocks of human cells.


Purified Water, Phospholipids (1,3 g), Curcumin (200 mg = **), (Alkohol variant: 10% Ethanol)** Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) not established

Concentration: 10 ml contain 200 mg Curcumin

30x higher bioavailability
Flavor enhancer free
Gluten free
Lecithin from Sunflowers
Natural preservatives only
Soy free
Sweetener free
10 ml / 24h 2x Teaspoon 10 ml contain 200 mg Curcumin

Fresh Variant (100ml or 250 ml)

8W Sealed and stored at room temperature: 8 weeks
4W Opened and stored in fridge: 4 weeks

10% Vol. alcohol

52W Sealed and stored at room temperature: 52 weeks
8W Opened and stored in fridge: 8 weeks

Shelf life Seabuckthorn

26W Sealed and stored at room temperature: 26 weeks
8W Opened and stored in fridge: 8 weeks
Customer evaluation for "Liposomal Curcumin (Turmeric, Curcuminoids)"
25 May 2016

Curcumin=Super + Liposome=Super + Preis=Super SUMME: Extrem super

Meine, Curcumin ist einer der nützlichsten Naturstoffe überhaupt. Die Chinesen und Inder nutzen das seit Jahrtausenden. Ich habe seit 2006 Probleme mit dem Darm (2mal Entzündung) und Heilpraktiker hat mich mit einigermaßen Erfolg auf Curcumin gesetzt. Jetzt bin ich auf Heilpraktiker-Empfehlung auf Actinovo umgestiegen und kann nach 2mal 10 Tagen (wie empfohlen) sagen: Mein oller Darm hat sich schon lange nicht mehr so gut angefühlt. Die täglichen Minikrämpfe (3-4x am Tag) sind auf Null zurückgegangen. Danke auch an Dr. Heidrich!

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