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The Revolution

For some time now, there has been a re-orientation taking place in the world of healthcare. Functional substances from nature and knowledge from traditional medicine could be confirmed as effective, by understanding the biochemistry behind them. Today, the great potential of natural substances became visible through intensive research.

How can we make use of that?

The problem of conventional dietary supplements can be found in their form of application. The goal of an active substance is to reach the cells of our tissues via the bloodstream. Intravenously administered nutritional supplements are, therefore, in theory, the logical choice for quick transport to the site of action. In practice, however, there are complications due to rejection of the treated, a higher risk of infection through the cannulas and the risk of overdose. For this reason, orally administered NEMs are omnipresent. They are the first and, until now, often the only choice when it comes to improving your health through vitamins or the like.


Traditional methods of consuming food supplements.

Those oral vitamin’s problem is their inefficiency, which has damaged the reputation of dietary supplements for a long time. Sensitive agents lose much of their activity during the passage of the gastrointestinal tract or are simply not absorbed into the cells. If molecules are too large, are too highly water-soluble for their uptake, or are too hydrophobic to be dissolved, they cannot pass through the intestinal wall and do not perform their function. The majority is excreted unused via intestine or kidney.

So how can the efficiency of an injection be combined with the simple application of a tablet?

The answer: through liposomes. Functional Nanospheres of Phospholipids.

Studies in medicine and nutritional science confirm that liposomal encapsulation can lead to an up to a 30-fold increase in bioavailability, the ratio of the active substance entering our bloodstream. What is more, liposomal nutraceuticals can be taken orally, making their use easy and comfortable.


How do liposomes work?

Liposomes are lipid vesicles whose outer layers consist of double membranes, as can be found in all biological membranes of the body.

In their interior, they can transport different substances regardless of their charge, size or structure, while being protected from the body's own enzymes in the digestive tract, and to some extent even from gastric acid.

Phospholipids that are able to perform these tasks, are used for the production of liposomes and are of plant origin, e.g. from sunflowers. Liposomes fuse with cell membranes because of their structural similarity. As membranes consist of phospholipids, which are building blocks of all life, their uptake is a priority, so they easily reach their destination.



How do functional liposomes reach their destination?

The aim is to reach the bloodstream via the mucosal and intestinal epithelial cells. A liposome can fuse with the cells and deliver its active ingredient directly. This results in a nearly complete uptake! Through this improved absorption, bioavailability can be significantly increased, and the impact of a substance is optimized.

Side effects of some high-dose minerals like magnesium can be bypassed. Too much magnesium in the intestine would only promote flushing and cause diarrhea, but liposomal magnesium is not retained in the intestine. Therefore, no osmotic side-effects due to high dosages occur.

In summary, liposomal supplements are highly bioavailable, efficient functional foods that are simple and taken orally, well suited for everyday use.

The potential of natural agents can now unfold, as they finally reach our bloodstream and cells!



ActiNovo's Booster: Liposomes

With ActiNovo we now offer the innovative transport system "Liposome" in combination with nutritional supplements. Take Vitamin C as an example: enclosed and protected in liposomes, the vitamin can directly reach the human cell and begin its work as an antioxidant.


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