Your supporter with allergies

Quercetin is a secondary plant substance and serves both humans and plants as a natural free radical scavenger. Especially in the unpleasant pollen season, the strong antioxidant is a particularly pleasant companion.

10 ml of our liposomal product contains 250 mg of quercetin, which is equivalent to the amount of quercetin in 25 large apples!

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For more balance in everyday life

The Ashwagandha plant has been deeply rooted in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3000 years as an important medicinal plant.

The fruit, also known as sleep berry, lives up to its name, as it is particularly suitable for alleviating sleep disorders as well as reducing physical and mental stress.

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Your training partner for fat burning

L-Carnitine is your ideal companion. The liposomal product is made for athletes and bodybuilders. The amino acid compound supports both muscles and fat burning, which improves the training effect.

At ActiNovo, we use Carnipure®, the body-identical, pure L-Carnitine.

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Why Liposomal Formulations?

Like our human cells, liposomes are made of phospholipids. We take advantage of this and encapsulate all active substances in liposomal membranes. Liposomes envelop the nutrient and transport it directly into the bloodstream, where it then unfolds its effect and remains in the body for a long time.

Conventional pills or powders have to be absorbed via osmosis or other transport channels. This means that absorption is much more difficult for the body and the effect is not as effective as with liposomal products!

Key Facts About ActiNovo

ActiNovo offers you liquid liposomal food supplements with a guaranteed absorption and effect in the body. In our product range you will find over 30 different nutrients. Whether for preventive use or for acute deficiencies and complaints - we have the right vitamins, minerals, plants and body own substances!

All our products are vegan, allergen-free and manufactured in northern Germany.

With or without flavour - we have something for everyone

Our Pure line is free of sweeteners and flavourings, our Plus line convinces with delicious, varied flavours!


Liposomal Liquid Or Conventional Supplements?

The answer is simple: non-liposomal products cannot be absorbed as well by the body and thus cannot develop their full effect. The absorption of conventional food supplements already fails in the intestine, as our digestive tract perceives the supplied pill or powder as a substance foreign to the body. 

The liposomal liquid, on the other hand, can efficiently deliver the active ingredient to the cells and into the bloodstream.

In addition, tablets and powders are more difficult to take than simply drinking a shot of liquid in the morning!

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