Now new: Liposomal Hair Support

✓ Contributes to maintenance of normal hair 

✓ Supports collagen formation 

✓ Maintains hair strength

✓ Supports hair volume

Our scientific studies speak for themselves

Using liposomes as a delivery system for nutritional supplements can increase absorption and efficacy by up to 64 times compared to conventional tablets or capsules. Liposomes protect the active ingredient from destruction in the stomach and enable targeted action of nutrients by delivering them directly into the bloodstream.


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Vitamins are essential nutrients that our body needs for optimal function - among other things, to support the immune system, for metabolic processes and growth. As a rule, they cannot be produced by the body itself.

Plant extracts are particularly well absorbed by the body as a liposomal formulation. For example, our liposomal curcumin has been shown to be absorbed up to 47x better by the body than conventional curcumin in tablet or powder form. It can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

The body own's substances are, for example, involved in metabolic processes, support the immune system or serve as antioxidants. Due to a stressful everyday life and with increasing age, the body often does not produce enough of these substances, which is why an intake can be useful to support the body.

Minerals are substances that the body needs to perform important functions. For example, they are very important for bone formation, nerve functions and the electrolyte balance of the body.