About us


What is behind ActiNovo?

By making ActiNovo a business, the shareholders of PMC Labs & Distribution B.V. and its German parent company made their dream come true: To offer dietary supplements of the highest quality from proven sources to very attractive prices.

But attractive prices and best quality were not enough to us: By developing and enhancing a process to manufacture liposomal formulations we now have a technology in our hands that allows producing virtually all interesting dietary supplements with a significantly higher efficiency. To be able to master this process, performed in a German lab, we are now in the position to proudly claim to sell one of the greatest product in the dietary supplement market ever.

Rediscover your favorite dietary supplement in a completely new form and with unprecedented efficiency - for a revolutionary low price. We are happy to receive your feedback and your ideas and requests for further products and variations.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Braband
Managing Director PMC Labs & Distribution B.V.