About us

PersonellBy making ActiNovo a business, the shareholders of PMC Labs & Distribution B.V. and its German parent company made their dream come true: To offer dietary supplements of highest quality from proven sources to very attractive prices.

But attractive prices and best quality were not enough to us: By developing and enhancing a process to manufacture liposomal forumlations we now have a technology in our hands that allows to produce virtually all interesting dietary supplements with a significantly higher efficiency. To be able to master this process, performed in a German lab, we are now in the position to proudly claim to sell one of the greatest product in the dietary supplement market ever.

Rediscover your favourite dietary supplement in a completely new form and with unprecedented efficiency - for a revolutionary low price. We are happy to receive your feedback and your ideas and requests for further products and variations.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Braband
Managing Director PMC Labs & Distribution B.V.


Mission Statement

We provide our novel, groundbreaking technology of liposomal formulation
to make extremely effective dietary supplements at an affordable price
We offer only highest quality ingredients, with all lab
certificates freely accessible by our customers
We focus on function and value of the product,
not look, taste and packaging
(no flavourings, sweeteners, soy, preservatives; only glass bottles)
We aim to revolutionize the market by offering
an outstandingly useful product at an amazingly low price