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Product Characteristics

Why are Liposomal Formulations so successful?

Most active components available today (like Vitamin C or many medical drugs) are applied orally, taken through your mouth. That means that the active component first has to pass the oral area, then the stomach, to be finally resorbed in the instestine. The unprotected active component can get either damaged on this long way or might never be resorbed at all - only a fraction might end up in the bloodstream. Liposomal Formulations encapsulate the active component within a liposome, which in turn can pass mouth and stomach with much less damage and is then very well resorbed in the intestine area. The hull of a liposome is made of a double-layer lipid. Since most human cell walls also consist of a double-layer lipid, liposomes are ideal component carriers.

Can the concentration of the active ingredient be higher?

This is true for many of our already highly concentrated formulation: Yes, concentration can be even higher, but we won't do it. Keep in mind, the whole principle of liposomal formulations depend on the active ingredient being fully masked (=hidden) by phospholipids. If there are not enough phospholipids to cover and encapsulate the active ingredient, the principle does not work at all - you will waste your money and could just buy highly concentraded pills. We do not overload our formulations and make sure that the amount of phospholipids available is always higher than the amount of active ingredient.

Is there any proof of quality?

Quality is our utmost concern. In fact, one of the reasons to get ActiNovo on the market was that the founders of the participating companies were tired of not knowing the exact quality of the supplements they wished to consume. That is why we are the first company in this area that offers full disclosure of all certificates of analysis to the potential customer. You may download these documents at the product page. To protect our business interests, we remove all references to brand names and wholesale sources from the certificates. Be assured that all ingredients are double checked by at least one credible European laboratory.

What tastes ActiNovo like?

That depends on the active component, because some part of the active ingredient is also detected by your taste buds. A major component determining the taste comes from the lecithin (phospholipids).

So does ActiNovo taste good?

Depends, but, no, not really. But one table spoon per day can be easily consumed. We consider it more important to deliver a product focusing on function and not convenience, taste and look. For customers, who consider taste very important, we recommend to mix with juice or food, but keep temperature below 60°C. As of now, we consider taste secondary and focus on effectiveness.

What color has ActiNovo?

That depends on the active component, but the base color is a beige. At the surface and at the buttom darker layers may form without reducing the quality of the product

Are parts of ActiNovo dangerous or risky?

All ActiNovo formulations are dietary supplements, so food and not phramaceuticals. All ingredients are of highest quality. Nonetheless you must follow the dosage and usage recommendations and immediatly stop taking ActiNovo if you experience any possible counter indications.

There is a sizzling noise audible when the bottle's seal is opened. Is there a problem?

We add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the bottle when filling ActiNovo. That alone is absolutely no cause for alarm.

From what ingredients are Liposomal Formulations made?

Next to the active component (like Vitamin C or Resveratrol), we use a custom made from phospholipids from lecithin from non-gene modified sun flowers. We do not use soy lecithin, since we consider some soy products to be an unknown danger.

Application & Shelf Life

Is dosage important?

Yes. There is not a case known to us, where over-dosage has led to severe side effects, but there is also no known higher effectiveness. To avoid potential side effects, you strictly have to follow dosage recommendations.

Can I combine different formulations?

Absolutely. But please use reason: There might be active ingredients that "add up" or have a contraindication when used with other active ingredients. If in doubt, consult a health specialist.

What is the shelf life of Liposomal Formulations?

ActiNovo formulations should to be stored with intact seal at cool temperatures between approx. 7-15° Celsius to get the maximum shelf life of 2-3 months at your location. For this calculation we have already taken into account the additional time for storage at our warehouse and the non-cooled shipment. After unsealing the lid ActiNovo is contaminated with air and should be used within 3 weeks. Please make sure that the bottle remains closed with the supplied lid whenever not in use. The variants with alcohol have a much higher shelf life. At temperatures below 6°C all formulations start to congeal (get thicker). To reverse this, just increase temperatur to at least 7°C. 

What about preservatives?

We don't use any, that's why the shelf life has a limit of about 2-3 months (exept the variants containing alcohol). We really think a product like ActiNovo, which clearly focusses on your health and well-being, should not come with additional ingredients that do not do you any good, like additional preservatives or even sweeteners or flavours to make it "taste better".

How do I see that ActiNovo is deteriorated?

The most obvious sign are fungi on the surface of the fluid. A rancid taste is also a clear sign of deterioration, as well as a foamy appearance. In all cases ActiNovo may not be consumed anymore and has to be discarded. A sour taste is usually fully okay and no reason for worry.

I see a small layer at the bottom of the bottle. Is that a bad sign?

Not necessarily. Tiny layers of sediment may form without affecting the quality of the product. You can shake the fluid to reduce sediments.

I see a darkish layer on top of the fluid. Can I still consume ActiNovo?

Yes, but make absolutely sure that there are no fungi on top of this layer and that there is no rancid taste. The general rule is that you should not consume ActiNovo past its best-before date.

Beyond the Product

I would like to know more about who am I dealing with

You are buying from the Dutch company PMC Labs & Distribution B.V., which is the exclusive dealer getting ActiNovo on the market through a direct channel (online), as well as through distributors and dealers. Since ActiNovo was initially a German-Dutch idea, there is a fulfillment center in Hamburg, which currently serves all direct sales shipments, even those going to The Netherlands. Your contract partner is PMC Labs & Distribution B.V., production facilities are in Hamburg, Germany.

Why is the competition so much more expensive?

We are using an own, novel method producing liposomal formulations. We also sell directly and avoid useless and expensive "shiny" packaging and can therefore keep the cost down while maintaining an excellent quality. Our production line in Germany is one of the finest in the world.