Less is more - don't go for overloaded formulations

The business of producing and selling liposomal formulations is growing rapidly and we are still in a phase where competition is a good thing: More and more consumers become aware of the massive advantages of liposomal formulations.

But do you remember when digital cameras became more and more available on the market? There was (and in some parts still is) a race about who offers more megapixels. No matter what, the one and only quality key seemed to be how much megapixels your cameras had to offer and soon 10 megapixels were "extremely bad" and every camera that offered one megapixel more than its competitor was clearly so much better. Well, it pretty soon turned out that this was complete nonsense, because theory differs from practical application. In practical application image quality became not better through more and more pixels, but through completely other techniques.

The same is about to happen with liposomal formulations. More active ingredient per milliliter is the name of the current race that is already beyond any reason. The primary key of success for liposomal formulations are the liposomes and their building block, phosphilipids. If you stuff too much active ingredient into a formulation it is no longer well balanced, the formulation gets overloaded, the amount of phopholipids is no longer adequate to encapsulate and implement the active ingredient. Most of the active ingredient will leave your body unresorbed, just like if you would take the classical pills or fluids. The whole sense of liposomal formulations is negated.

Don't be fooled. Any liposomal formulation that lives up to its promise of extremely high bioavailability, needs to have a proper relation of phospholipids in it. We at ActiNovo are doing right that.

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