The Revolution

Why ActiNovo?

"Dietary Supplements" are a booming industry. This is partly because scientific research constantly adds new knowledge, but also because more and more consumers make the deliberate decision to help and support their body with Dietary Supplements – be it to fight ailments and illnesses or to oppose the alleged "natural" destiny of all living things, the process of aging (which, by the way, is now considered an illness by a growing number of scientists).

The area of Dietary Supplements (DS) surely has seen numerous disputes and criticism. Many DS are offered although efficiency could not be confirmed or reconfirmed by current scientific work. ActiNovo offers an alternative for common DSs by using the advantages of liposomes.

What makes ActiNovo so efficient?

One vital question concerning efficiency of DS is coming up over and over again: Does the active ingredient actually reach its destination? Let's have a look at a classic in the field of DS, Vitamin C. The higher the dosage, the lower the rate of resorption ( For a DS, passing mouth, stomach and gastrointestinal tract can be compared as running the gauntlet. Enzymes in the oral area split, acids in the stomach dissolve, and only selected agents and limited amounts are resorbed by our gut. Depending on the agent and its amount only a fraction of the consumed amount might actually reach a designated target. A large amount might be rejected unused through gut and kidney. The actual target is missed.

For a long time intravenous application was the only way to get a very high percentage of agents into the human bloodstream. Then, in the 1960ies, liposomes were discovered. These little marvels of nature form a membrane hull of double lipids and can enclose agents of almost any type. If the membrane hull of the liposome is similar to the membrane of a human cell, it can safely pass mouth, stomach and gastrointestinal tract on one hand, and still directly interact with human cells. The perfect mechanism of transporting agents from outside was found – but unfortunately the process of manufacturing liposomes was extremely complex and therefore expensive. Until now.

Liposomes as a turbo

With ActiNovo we offer the revolutionary transport system "liposome" as a distributor of dietary supplements inside the human body. Let's take Vitamin C as an example again: Enclosed and protected in a liposome the vitamin can directly access the human cell and start its important work as a scavenger.

Starting immediately, thanks to ActiNovo, dietary supplements of different types may reach an efficiency that was imaginable in theory only. We think, this is truly revolutionary and will change the DS industry for good. With ActiNovo you will be part of the vanguard of this technology. With our own, protected manufacturing process, we offer liposomal formulations of extraordinary quality for an extraordinary low price.

Discover the power of liposomes, discover the true force of brand-new agents or the unleashing of old classics like Vitamin C. With ActiNovo you can be part of this, today. Discover the new revolution in dietary supplements!