A Mission With Heart

For a long time, the two ActiNovo founders, Jan Braband and Rinat Albetkov, searched in vain for food supplements that really have an effect on the body. The search failed...  

So in 2016, they finally founded the ActiNovo brand and launched liposomal liquid food supplements on the market! Since then, the Hamburg-based company has been writing success stories in over 80 countries.

What We Stand For

We have a clear vision: to inspire people from all over the world to live a healthy lifestyle, to increase knowledge about nutrients and to have a positive influence on the well-being of each individual.

We are as excited about the potential of natural ingredients as we are about the possibilities of modern technology. That's why we simply combine both in one product!

With passion and Caring

We are convinced that diversity connects: In our international team, we benefit every day from people of different cultural backgrounds who bring with them innovative perspectives and creative ideas.

all, the demands we place on ourselves enable us to offer honest products of the highest quality - and to do so with heart and mind.

Let's Become Friends

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