Liposomes enable a higher nutrient uptake

The most important facts:

  • In liposomal supplements, the active ingredient is encapsulated in liposomes.
  • Liposomes, consisting of small fat bubbles, effectively protect the nutrient and transport it through the intestinal wall directly into the cells.
  • They are not broken down by the stomach, as liposomes are very similar to the human cell membrane.
  • Our products can therefore ensure better bioavailability than supplements in powder or tablet form.
  • Liposomal supplements are not harmful or dangerous to health.

1. What is a Liposome?

The term liposome is derived from the Greek words "lipos" for fat and "soma" for body. The root word also describes the properties of liposomes. They form a body (vesicle) that serves as a protective shield.

What does liposomal mean?

Liposomes are lipid vesicles made of phospholipids strung together to form a double membrane. A structure arranged in this way is also present in the cell membranes of the human body. Regardless of size or structure, liposomes can enclose different substances.

These are transported both in their aqueous interior and within their liposoluble double membrane. Liposomal thus means the encapsulation of a particular active ingredient in phospholipids.

Impaired absorption of the active ingredient in pills and powders

The liposomal shield protects the transported substances from the body's own enzymes in the digestive tract and also from gastric acid. When taking conventional pills and powders, the absorption of the active ingredient is often impaired. This results in low bioavailability of the supplement. For example, the body usually absorbs only 2% of 500mcg of vitamin B12.

Stomach acid has pH changing properties to protect our bodies from pathogens and to process fiber. This acid not only affects our tissues, but also supplied agents, fluids and foods.

Optimal protection of the nutritional supplement: how liposomes work

Liposomes act like a protective shield that wraps around the nutrient. Thus, the active ingredient does not come into contact with gastric acid and consequently its absorption is not restricted. The active ingredient is protected in a double membrane made of phospholipids. Liposomes can fuse directly with human cell membranes, as they are structurally identical. The function of liposomes is therefore mainly to transport the active ingredient in a hidden way so that it can enter our bloodstream without loss of effect.

Liquid food supplements: liposomal food supplements are easy to take

Liposomal supplements are always liquid, so that the effect of liposomes is not lost. The formation of the encapsulation around the active ingredient is only possible in the liquid state, which is why the production of liposomal capsules is not an alternative. Liposomal supplements are therefore a good tip for people who have problems swallowing tablets.

2. How Are Liposomes Produced?

Liposomal formulations are based on a natural phenomenon. Under certain conditions, phospholipids trap substances in a lipid bubble. Whether these substances are vitamins, minerals or micronutrients is not important for the liposome.

Production: Where do liposomes come from?

We use 96% pure phospholipids of plant origin as the basic building blocks for our liposomes. We obtain these from European GMO-free sunflower seeds. This corresponds to the highest degree of purity available on the market.

To produce the liposomes, we use ultrasound as a gentle energy source. At this stage of creation, the active ingredients can be enclosed by the liposomes and thus safely stored within them.

By supplying a special kind of energy, the phospholipids arrange themselves in the formation of double membranes, which is similar to the human cell membrane. The liposomes are surrounded by an aqueous solution. 

The fat-loving heads of the phospholipids are directed inwards and the water-loving heads are directed outwards towards the surrounding water solution.

In order to arrange properly, phospholipids must be surrounded by water. Only then they would form a spherical structure.

This chemical reaction has already created the liposome.

3. Why Buy Liposomal Products?

Our clinical studies have proven it: Bioavailability, i.e. the effective absorption of the active ingredient by our body, can be increased with liposomal supplements!

For example, the bioavailability of glutathione was increased 63-fold with ActiNovo liposomal technology! The target location of any active ingredient we take in through supplements is the cells in our tissues, which should be reached through the bloodstream. Only in this way can the nutrients develop their optimal effect in the right places in our body and give us new vitality.

The principle of liposomal ActiNovo products: Easy intake, good absorption!

Our goal is to offer liposomal supplements of exceptional quality at a fair price. Our studies show this promise of quality!

4. ActiNovo's Product Categories

5. In Summary: The Three Properties Of  Liposomes

1. Encapsulation 

The nutrient is encapsulated in liposomes, which are similar in structure to human cells!

2. Protection & Transport

Liposomes protect and transport the nutrient into the body cells. The encapsulated active ingredient is not damaged by external influences, such as stomach acid and enzymes of the digestive tract!

3. Efficiency promise 

Liposomal formulations ensure the absorption of the nutrient into the bloodstream and guarantee a high promise of efficiency!

Frequently Asked Questions

Liposomes are small fat droplets and are formed from plant substances such as sunflower seeds. They are therefore not dangerous.

Liposomes consist of so-called lipid vesicles. These are tiny fat droplets, also called phospholipids, strung together. These have the ability to enclose an active ingredient. Because they are very similar to the human cell membrane, liposomes are not attacked by the body and are transported directly into the cell.

Liposomes are not harmful and there are no known side effects when taken.

Liposomes are tiny lipid vesicles made of phospholipids strung together. The lipids, which consist of fat droplets, form a double membrane and can hold various active ingredients.

As a result, liposomes have the ability to create a liposomal protective shield that is very similar to the human cell. Liposomal dietary supplements, for example, take advantage of this possibility.

In scientific terms, bioavailability describes the proportion of a nutrient that is actually absorbed by the body after ingestion and enters the bloodstream. By consuming liposomal supplements, the vital substance moves through the intestines directly into the blood and is fully available to the body.

Liposomal vitamins have a significantly better bioavailability (absorption) by the body and are also better tolerated than conventional dietary supplements.