Liposomal Resveratrol
Liposomal Resveratrol (Content: 250 Milliliter)

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Liposomal Resveratrol

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Content: 250 Milliliter (11.16€ * / 100 Milliliter)

50 daily doses of 100 mg Resveratrol

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Resveratrol, also known as "red wine essence", is a well-known active ingredient with numerous health promoting characteristics and is also a natural component of red wine.

The polyphenol from the group of plant substances belongs to the phytoalexins and with its numerous positive effects it is also known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins. The name phytoalexin comes from the Greek and it means: the plant resistance. This nutrient offers the plants protection against free radicals, UV radiation and the attack of both fungi and parasites.

The antioxidant itself exists in two variants: on the one hand the cis-resveratrol form and on the other hand as trans-resveratrol. However, it is important to know that only the trans-form can have positive effects in the human body!

The problem of limited bioavailability

Unfortunately, grape seed extract can only be absorbed to a limited extend, as it is rather soluble in alcohol, but difficult to dissolve in water. Therefore, conventional supplements, such as resveratrol capsules, have a poor bioavailability. In other words, the absorption in the body is poor, so that the nutrient can hardly achieve its positive effects.

The liposomal solution

ActiNovo's liposomal resveratrol helps the situation and guarantees the antioxidant effect: by encapsulating the nutrient in liposomes, the molecule can reach the bloodstream more easily and therefore reach the human cells. The resveratrol used by ActiNovo comes from the root of the Japanese knotweed. This contains the stable and bioactive trans-form, which also occurs naturally in plants. In this way, we remain true to our mission of providing our customers with the best quality possible.

ActiNovo's liquid formula contains 100 mg of natural resveratrol per 5 ml daily dose. In comparison, this 100 mg are equivalent to 50 glasses of red wine that you would have to drink a day to absorb the same amount!

You can find more information about the recommended plant substance resveratrol on our blog!


5 ml / 24h 1x Teaspoon Opened and stored in fridge: ~ 8 weeks

Concentration: 5 ml contain 100 mg Resveratrol**

Lecithin from Sunflowers
Up to 63x higher bioavailability
Lactose free
Soy free
Gluten free
No added sugar
Natural preservatives only
Flavor enhancer free
Not suitable for pregnant
Not suitable for children
Average nutritional values

Per 100 ml

Energy 436,00 KJ
Energy 106,00 kcal
Fat 10,80 g
Saturated Fat 3,30 g
Unsaturated Fat 7,60 g
Carbohydrate 0,10 g
Sugar 0,10 g
Fiber 2,00 g
Protein 1,10 g
Sodium 0,02 g

Per Portion (5 ml)

Energy 21,80 KJ
Energy 5,30 kcal
Fat 0,54 g
Saturated Fat 0,17 g
Unsaturated Fat 0,38 g
Carbohydrate 0,01 g
Sugar 0,01 g
Fiber 0,10 g
Protein 0,06 g
Sodium 0,00 g

Water, Phospholipids, Seabuckthorn Extract, Resveratrol, Acidifier (Malic Acid)

*Nutrient reference values according to EU Regulation No. 1169/2011
**EU nutrient reference value not set
No substitute for a healthy lifestyle or a balanced, varied diet. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily intake. Not for pregnant women or children.

At ActiNovo, we are as excited about the potential of natural active ingredients as we are about the possibilities of modern technology. That's why we combine both into highly effective liposomal food supplements. Our solution: liposomes


You can think of liposomes as small (lipid) vesicles made of the same substance as our human cell membrane. And this is exactly where the special feature lies: if you encapsulate fat-soluble and water-soluble vital substances (such as vitamins) with liposomal technology, the encapsulated active substance is not regarded as a "foreign body" by the human organism, but is passed directly into the bloodstream without any losses. The encapsulated vital substance can be completely absorbed by the intestinal and digestive tract and fuse with the human cell membrane. The liposomes also act as a protective shell that enables the nutrients to pass through the body at a high absorption rate and develop their effect. Destruction by gastric acid or degradation by enzymes before the actual absorption is thus prevented. With our liposomal ActiNovo products you can achieve a higher bioavailability and effect than with conventional food supplements.

But what is bioavailability?

From a scientific point of view, bioavailability describes the proportion of a nutrient that is actually absorbed by the human organism after ingestion and enters the bloodstream. Vitamins, minerals but also plant substances influence each other and are not equally absorbed by the body. Depending on the age and intestinal health of the person, they develop different strengths of effect.Instead of taking an unnecessarily excessive dose of vital substances, it makes more sense to focus on quality instead of quantity. In order for our body to be able to fully utilize the nutrients, natural and pure active substances are needed that are comparatively well suited to our body's own enzymes. Due to the encapsulation of the nutrient in liposomes, the vital substance travels via the intestine directly into the blood and is there fully available to the body!


Customer evaluation for "Liposomal Resveratrol"
14 Aug 2021


Świetna jakość. Produkt liposomalny jest lepiej wchłanialny niż tabletka. Mieszkam w Polsce. Niestety, nie ma u mnie w Polsce resweratrolu takiej jakości. Świetnie sprawdza się przy wspomaganiu leczenia onkologicznego. Kupiłam ją dla męża. Chciałam pochwalić też obsługę sklepu. Okazała się ona bardzo miła i pomocna. Do klienta podchodzą indywidualnie. Dziękuję za pomoc i życzliwość. Polecam ten sklep i produkt.
Großartige Qualität. Das liposomale Produkt wird besser resorbiert als die Tablette. Ich lebe in Polen. Leider habe ich in Polen kein solches Resveratrol. Es ist ideal zur Unterstützung der onkologischen Behandlung. Ich habe es für meinen Mann gekauft. Loben möchte ich auch den Shop-Service. Sie stellte sich als sehr nett und hilfsbereit heraus. Sie gehen individuell auf den Kunden ein. Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe und Freundlichkeit. Ich empfehle dieses Geschäft und Produkt.

23 Nov 2019

I have a question... Is there a age limit for use about pediatric population?


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