Liposomal Vitamin C

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NEW: Due to our improved recipe, our ActiNovo Vitamin C product is now even more temperature resistant!

Of most conventional supplements, only a small part is ultimately taken up. We want to revolutionize the market of food supplements. Our solution: liposomes. 

Active ingredients are encapsulated as vitamin c serum in nanoscopically small liposomes and safely delivered through the digestive system. This methods allows for a natural and effective consumption.


Discover the power of Vitamin C in a whole new and revolutionary way.

The vitamin - also called ascorbic acid - has been shown to be very important for normal immune function. Its role in collagen synthesis also supports our connective tissue. It has a significant influence on the health of the blood vessels, the nervous system and the energy metabolism. Vitamin C is able to increase iron absorption and helps to regenerate vitamin E in the body. Other benefits of having a sufficient Vitamin C intake are reduction of oxidative stress, tiredness and fatigue.

More information about vitamin c and ascorbic acid.


What do ActiNovo products contain?

Outstanding performance is more important to us than optimized taste and appearance, which is why our products still have their natural taste. The ActiNovo’s liquid formulations also contain valuable phospholipids from sunflowers, with a high content of phosphatidylcholine, and only certified ingredients. Phospholipids are building blocks of human cells.

Our high-dose liposomal vitamin C for drinking comes from our own production in Germany, Hamburg.




Purified Water, Phospholipids, Vitamin C (1000 mg = 1250 %*), Preservative: Natural Seabuckthorn Extract*Nutrient Reference Value according to EU regulation No. 1169/2011

Concentration: 10 ml contain 1000 mg Vitamin C

Lecithin from Sunflowers
up to 42x higher bioavailability
Lactose free
Soy free
Gluten free
Sweetener free
Natural preservatives only
Flavor enhancer free
Not suitable for pregnant
Not suitable for children
No substitute for a healthy lifestyle or a balanced, varied diet. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily intake. Not for pregnant women or children.
10 ml / 24h 2x Teaspoon 10 ml contain 1000 mg Vitamin C

Shelf life Seabuckthorn

6W Opened and stored in fridge: Min. 6 weeks
Customer evaluation for "Liposomal Vitamin C"
10 Nov 2020

I kept my kid free from antibiotics with this stuff

If I could give this product a rate of 12, I would. It is cheap, and it works wonders. It can lower a high fever in minutes, neutralize a food poisoning and even fend off fatigue. I have at least 10 bottles in my cabinet at all times, and I never travel with at least 3. My kid is 4, and until now he has had almost no allopathic meds thanks to Liposomal Vitamin C.

26 Oct 2020

Reduced my symptoms of chronic sinusitis dramatically

I'm from Belgium and in january 2018 I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis (clearly visible on CT-scans). In the beginning I suffered mostly from nasal congestion, which gradually disappeared and was followed by suffering from dry coughs. I got more and more dry cough attacks and they became more severe and intense over time. Eventually I got a cough attack every day, which could last from half an hour up to two hours. It could happen during the day or during the night. This was very exhausting. Other symptoms I had were runny noses and sneezes. And because of corona I became afraid I would get my cough attacks in the presence of others so I stayed mostly at home. Doctors (HNO-Ärzte as they are called in Germany) said the only solution was surgery because the antibiotics (oral and aerosol) didn't work. I tried a lot of things to get rid of my symptoms but nothing helped: vitamin c supplements, herbal supplements, homeopathy, yoga, etc... Finally my family practitioner told me he cured a corona-patient very quickly with high dose IV injections of vitamin c and n-acetyl cysteine. That's how I discovered the existence of easy available liposomal supplements as an alternative to IV injections. I bought a bottle of ActiNovo Glutathione (n-acetyl cysteine is a precursor to glutathione) and ActiNovo Vitamin C. First I took a daily dose of 12.5 ml glutathione during two weeks, with no positive results. Then I took a daily dose of 15 ml vitamin c during two weeks (in june 2020) and even after a few days of usage my condition greatly improved. It was like a miracle. My exhausting daily cough attacks disappeared almost entirely and very quickly. Unfortunately there was not a big impact on the sneezes and runny noses, but all in all my condition improved dramatically. I can say my symptoms have decreased with 90%. I have limited my intake to 2 weeks because I read some research that showed there's no additional benefit of liposomal supplements after 2 weeks of usage. So my plan now is to do a couple of 2-week treatments a year with liposomal vitamin C (and probably also glutathione). I have not yet consulted my HNO doctors to share my positive experience. I also don't know whether the physical sinus infection is still as big as it was on the CT-scans in the beginning.

13 Jul 2020

Gott sei Dank gibt es diese Produkte! Einfach genial.

Ich kann dieses Produkt wirklich nur sehr empfehlen.
Ich lkämpfte seit Anfang des Jahres mit starken Bauchschmerzen und Blähungen. Wir haben wirklich sehr viel ausprobiert, aber richtig besser wurde es nicht.
Ich habe dann angefangen und das Liposomale VitaminC zu mir genommen...und nach 1 Wocher.... ich kann Gott nur danken wie sich alles dann verändert hat. Die Beschwerden waren fast weg. Ich durft meinen Alltag neu erleben. Das ist jetzt 1 Monat her und mein Bauchweh ist noch nicht zurück.. Ich bin begeistert.
Kann ich wirklich weiter empfehlen.

24 Feb 2020

Your products are amazing! Vitamin C - Gives immediate clarity and is absorbed much better than regular tablets. You can actually feel the difference in seconds

Thank you for high quality stuff. Previously I have used Seeking Health products but they are way more expensive. However, Actinovo products are so much better in quality and are actually much more affordable. The only downside is the shipping, which is a little bit expensive. Thank you for making such great stuff! I look forward for liposomal methylfolate, methylcobalamin and P5P supplements!

4 Jan 2020

Super Produkt, tolle Qualität....seit ich das einnehme, habe ich weniger Infekte....habe meine ganze Familie davon überzeugt ?

21 Apr 2019


Good quality

3 Mar 2019

Ich bin begeistert

Vielen Dank für dieses tolle Produkt. Es wirklich wirklich hervorragend.

18 Feb 2019


Ich nehme es zwar noch nicht lange ein, aber es scheint zu wirken. Ich mische es immer mit etwas Saft, damit es besser schmeckt.

23 Nov 2018

Einfach Top..

Ich bin Allergiker und meine Beschwerden haben sich nach einer Flasche schon gemildert..
Bin sehr zufrieden und werde wieder bestellen..

21 Aug 2018

Liposomales Vitamin c

Ein sehr gutes Produkt. Guter Geschmack und Verträglichkeit. Ich trinke es täglich.

1 Mar 2018

Mit einem Wort: SuperProdukt

Geschmacklich eine sehr positive Erfahrung! ACTINOVO ist im Gegensatz zu anderen Produkten nicht bappsüss, gefällt mir u wird mein neues Standard-Produkt. ????????

23 Jan 2018

Perfect for a much needed boost

Liposomal formulations of Vitamin C really work. I used this on a number of occasions when I was starting to feel unwell, and every time it warded off illness.

31 Oct 2017

La migliore forma di vitamina C

Uso la vitamina C da anni in varie formulazioni e finalmente ho trovato nella vitamina C liposomiale la più efficace , utilissima in vari disturbi ma anche come prevenzione e mantenimento e non ultimo come efficacissimo antiossidante . La vitamina C liposomiale fin ad ora è la migliore forma di vitamina C . Ottima la scelta di esaltare la qualità del prodotto evitando ogni additivo e riempitivo , ottimo l'utilizzo di contenitori di vetro , ottimo il rapporto qualità prezzo . Sono pienamente soddisfatto della disponibilità dimostrata nel rispondere con pazienza e in modo esaudiente alle mie domande e curiosità . Professionalità , qualità , competenza e cortesia .

29 Nov 2016

Großartiges Sortiment an liposomalen Mikronährstoffen

Vitamin C und Glutathion kann man nicht genügend im Körper haben. Also war ich lange Zeit auf der Suche nach einem kostengünstigen Produkt mit dem ich die Vorteiler liposomaler Versorgung und finanzieller "Leistbarkeit" vereinen könnte. Ich bin bei ActiNovo fündig geworden und versorge mich nun gezielt, gerade in der Winterzeit mit liposomalem Vitamin C um Erkältungen vorzubeugen bzw. ganz schnell den Garaus zu machen.

Super, dass ich nun endlich zwischen so vielen liposomalen Produkten wählen kann.

29 Sep 2016

klasse produkt

bin sehr positiv überasch,nach einpaar tage sind meine beschwerde zurück gegangen.

5 Sep 2016

Vorzüglicher Service

Im Vorfeld meiner ersten Bestellung möchte ich betonen, dass der Service von ActiNovo vorzüglich und blitzschnell ist. Mit gleichbleibender Freundlichkeit wurden meine vielen Fragen ausführlich beantwortet. Das schafft in jedem Fall Vertrauen bzw. das ist für mich die Voraussetzung für eine Bestellung.
Die erste Bestellung ins europäische Ausland ließ leider länger als gedacht auf sich warten aber das lag zu keinem Zeitpunkt an ActiNovo, im Gegenteil,- auch da kümmerte man sich.

Website, Übersichtlichkeit, Zahlung und dasVersenden der Ware, alles war prompt und effizient.
Wir kommen gerade gen’ Ende der ersten 250ml Flaschen (Vit. C/Pterostilben/Q 10) und können vielleicht wegen unseres allgemein sehr guten Gesundheitszustandes noch keine Aussagen treffen, werden aber bei dieser sympathischen Firma mit den überzeugenden Produkten mit der wertvollen liposomalen Technik, bald noch einmal bestellen.

22 Jun 2016

Gives me more energy

I have tried this product as I had lately a lot of chest infections and constant tiredness. Since taking it - I noticed that overall I just feel better. Brighter, more alert. I will order more for myself and my family and I can only recommend it.

19 May 2016

Sehr zu empfehlen bei Erkältungen

Infekt im Anflug? Dafür eignet sich das Vit-C einfach super! Vier Tage nehmen, Infekt klingt milde ab. Habe es jetzt zweimal probiert und bin begeistert. Ein hübschere Verpackung wäre nicht schlecht, aber dafür ist der Preis sensationell...

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