Iron is a trace element that is absolutely necessary for the body.

Deficiencies are common, and can contribute to iron deficiency anemia.

This product is ideal for athletes, people who follow a vegan diet, and women who menstruate.

 Iron contributes:

  • to normal cognitive function,
  • to normal energy metabolism,
  • to normal immune system function,
  • to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Many fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of iron. Unfortunately, the mineral is not well absorbed by the human body through food. 

Therefore, it can be challenging for vegans and vegetarians to meet their daily iron requirements. A deficiency can lead to anaemia, which manifests itself in the form of pale skin, fatigue and poor concentration.

Just 10 ml of the ActiNovo product provides you with 15 mg of iron per daily dose. This is equivalent to 600 g of spinach!

The product is available as a Pure version with natural flavour and as a Plus version with Cherry flavour.

Soy Free

63x Higher Bioavailable

Gluten Free

GMO Free

No Flavour Enhancer

Lactose Free



Oxygen Transporter

Iron is essential in the transport of oxygen in the body. Iron helps bring hemoglobin, an oxygen containing protein, to our muscles and organs.

Avoid Anemia

Not obtaining enough iron through the diet may result in iron deficiency anemia. This can present with symptoms of pale skin, fatigue, and lack of concentration. Many experts recommend taking an iron supplement to avoid iron deficiency.

Essential for Vegans & Vegetarians

Some heme iron-rich food sources are beef, chicken, and tuna. Non-heme iron rich food sources are typically vegan/vegetarian products: oatmeal, fortified cereals, and spinach. The body absorbs heme iron much better than non-heme iron. For this reason, vegans and vegetarians in particular should ensure a regular intake of iron in order to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Effective intake without side effects

Most conventional iron supplements are absorbed by the human body only in small amounts.

Tablet iron supplements may result in negative effects such as gastrointestinal distress, so many people discontinue treatment at an early stage before the deficiency is resolved.

Liposomal encapsulation of iron helps the nutrient pass the intestinal barrier and immediately transport into our cells.

Clinical studies discovered that ActiNovo Liposomal Iron is 9x more bioavailable than a standard high dosage iron supplement.

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Recommended Intake

10ml suffice for 24 hours or use 2 teaspoons.

Take 10ml daily pure or in liquid (for example with juice or water). Please store the product in a cool place and keep it away from sunlight and heat. Once opened, please store in the refrigerator and use within 6 weeks.

10ml for 24h
2 Teaspoons
Store in the fridge


ActiNovo Shot Glas for easy dosaging

Dosage Support 5ml or 10ml

The two lines on the jar help you with the dosage and mark the respective intake of 5 or 10ml liquid. Easy to take guaranteed!


ActiNovo avoids waste - Instead of a plastic cup, we have a sustainable solution. Simply clean it in the dishwasher!

Good to know

At ActiNovo, we are as excited about the potential of natural active ingredients as we are about the possibilities of modern technology. That's why we combine both into highly effective liposomal food supplements. Our solution: liposomes.


You can think of liposomes as small (lipid) vesicles made of the same substance as our human cell membrane. And this is exactly where the special feature lies: if you encapsulate fat-soluble and water-soluble vital substances (such as vitamins) with liposomal technology, the encapsulated active substance is not regarded as a "foreign body" by the human organism, but is passed directly into the bloodstream without any losses. The encapsulated vital substance can be completely absorbed by the intestinal and digestive tract and fuse with the human cell membrane. The liposomes also act as a protective shell that enables the nutrients to pass through the body at a high absorption rate and develop their effect. Destruction by gastric acid or degradation by enzymes before the actual absorption is thus prevented. With our liposomal ActiNovo products you can achieve a higher bioavailability and effect than with conventional food supplements.

But what is bioavailability?

From a scientific point of view, bioavailability describes the proportion of a nutrient that is actually absorbed by the human organism after ingestion and enters the bloodstream. Vitamins, minerals but also plant substances influence each other and are not equally absorbed by the body. Depending on the age and intestinal health of the person, they develop different strengths of effect.Instead of taking an unnecessarily excessive dose of vital substances, it makes more sense to focus on quality instead of quantity. In order for our body to be able to fully utilize the nutrients, natural and pure active substances are needed that are comparatively well suited to our body's own enzymes. Due to the encapsulation of the nutrient in liposomes, the vital substance travels via the intestine directly into the blood and is there fully available to the body!

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Ingredients and Nutrition

Water, Phospholipids, Sweetener (Xylitol), Seabuckthorn Extract, Flavour (Cherry), Acidifier (Citric Acid), Iron Saccharate, Antioxidant (Natural Mixed Tocopherols)

Average Nutritional Values 100 ml Portion
Energy 543 KJ 54.30 KJ
Energy 131 kcal 13.10 kcal
Fat 10.8 g 1.08 g
Saturated Fat 4.1 g 0.41 g
Unsaturated Fat 6.7 g 0.67 g
Carbohydrate 3.76 g 0.38 g
Sugar 0.32 g 0.03 g
Fiber 1.56 g 0.16 g
Protein 1.16 g 0.12 g
Sodium 0.079 g 0.01 g
Ingredients Portion %NRV*
Iron 15 mg 107%

*Nutrient reference values according to EU Regulation No. 1169/2011

**EU nutrient reference value not set

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